Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Good Story Turned Bad

It was supposed to be a funny story, kind of.  A man was sleeping in his bed when a bunch of hoodlums broke into his house, took the giant bottle of tabasco sauce off his kitchen table and hit him in the head with it. It caused a small gash on his neck and a small egg near his temple.

When I came in and saw him, I thought the orange sauce mixed with blood was all blood... until I came close enough to smell the vinegar in the air, stopped, and looked quizzically at him.  After many buffalo chicken wing jokes, we released him and all was well....

A few hours later, another trauma was called and I was surprised to see Mr. Tabasco back so soon. He had fallen after taking a nap because he was very dizzy and got up too quickly. This time, he had a spleen lac and had to get sent to the O.R. : (

Poor Mr. Tabasco.  


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