Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The worse insult

PA: How could you not tell me this patient had an O2 sat of 87?!
S: I thought telling the nurse would have sufficed (considering pt x was on a bedpan, patients y,z,a, and b needed vital signs, crazy patient c was puking all over the floor, patients d and e both needed labs drawn asap, poor patient f needed to be wheeled to the bathroom, then home, and we got new patients g and h.)
PA: Well, I just would have expected that someone that just got into PA school would actually care about letting someone know, that's all.

The biggest insult in her remark? It wasn't that it was in full view of doctors, nurses, and patients. Nor that I was yelled at, nor that she snidely thought I didn't care, considering how many people told me the opposite during the course of the day. It was probably that she assumed I got into PA school. At this point, I would probably be very happy. Unfortunately, medical schools haven't given me much of an indication of anything yet. Sigh.


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