Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapped Lip Service

"How can we help you today?"
"I got this sore and it hurts real bad."
"So where is the sore, Mr. Abuse-of-the-System?"
"Right here, can't you see it?"
"That cut on your lip... is that it?"
"Yeah, that's it."
"Well, don't keep touching it because it won't heal up. You can put some bacitracin on it so it doesn't get infected."
"Like this?"
"You don't have to glom it on... just a little will do."
"Thanks so much!"

-__- Really?? You came to the ER for a chapped lips??

Nurse Crotchetty: Did you really come on the ambulance for a sore tonsil? Is that really necessary?
Mr. Tonsil: (nonchalant grin)
Nurse Crotchetty stared him down... : Put him in the waiting room.
Mr. Tonsil: Aw man...

Another day in the life...


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