Friday, January 27, 2012

In Which I Lose My Temper

I'm not proud of it, but I showed my temper last night.  Thinking of it still makes my blood boil.

The attending physician asked me to take vital signs on a woman in room 13, a section that I was not working in.  I agreed to do it, however, as it was the attending and came to the room just as the OB-GYN residents exited the room.  I knocked the partially open door and the young and obese drama queen told me to stay out as she got dressed. The doctors outside were discussing her impending ultrasound and such, so I knew that she was not supposed to get dressed.  I paused at the door and told her to wait a second before getting dressed.  When I peeked inside that they had left her lying back, exposed, and still in the stirrups.  So sloppy. It was understandable why she was upset.

"Din't I tell you not to stay out, miss?" 
"You look so uncomfortable and the head doctor is worried about you. He wanted me to get your blood pressure right away. Can I help you with getting up?"
"No, you can get out. I don't need your help."

The OB-GYNS then barged in without knocking and she ordered them around.  For whatever reason, I was the target of her ire. I'm not sure what kind of hold she had over the doctors, perhaps she had something seriously wrong with her, but they did her bidding as she imperiously commanded them around the room.  Silly, as the clumsy new residents had no idea where we kept anything. I watched silently as she flexed her ugly attitude.

"Get me a pad," she turned to me, "and you can get the **** out while I get changed."
Obviously, she was not going to cooperate with getting vital signs.

Wordlessly, I left and shut the door without responding. I didn't think I could muster anything polite at that point. This perceived insult incurred bellowing on the other side of the door as vicious curses and rejoinders that I should never enter that room again.

Honestly, how does she expect hand-to-foot waiting service when her manner is so horrible? Boggles the mind...


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