Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stop, Thief

I'm flabbergasted. Really. If you were to go into a doctor's office, would you ever think to go looking in the drawers? It's not even something I would think about.

Not only did she rifle through the drawers- I looked in when I heard the drawer door open- a patient's visitor proceeded to grab handfuls of bandaids, bacitracin, whatever was in there and stuff it in her purse. She saw me watching, but did not put them back and stared at me almost defiantly, as if challenging me to say something. I was too shocked to, but I just stared at her, not in a disapproving way- just really, really surprised.  She blushed and pretended nothing happened. I left the room in a daze.

There are so many different ways to live our lives in this world- I am thankful today to be on a path that I am comfortable with, where I don't have to blush cheaply to complete strangers in passing.


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