Monday, July 18, 2011

Evening on the Helipad

I love working on the helipad. I am not there very often, but I always get a rush when I hear "lifestar tech report, lifestar tech report" on the intercom.

Escaping my normal vital-sign/ekg/bathroom duties with my moderately ill patients, I escape to the world above, with a special set of elevator keys and sprint onto the helipad. The weather has been gorgeous lately- though it is humid, it is always balmy and perfect up there.

My first lifestar was an adult trauma patient, who was driving unrestrained on the highway when she crashed. The second was also a trauma- a child, who when vaulting off a trampoline, fell on her head. She subsequently had tonic-clonic seizures at the hospital, requiring her to be intubated. Both patients were transferred very smoothly. It feels good to know that our lifestar medics really know what they are doing.

Watching the lifestar helicopter fly into the glowing sunset is my favorite part, though. As the pitch of the blades escalates, I wait for the note they hit when they start to lift off. Waving, I hope I could experience that, just once, sometime in my life.


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