Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Midnight Munchies

This is me after work:
I can't help it! As soon as I step foot in the door, I feel immediately ravenous. During work, I might be so busy that I don't feel hungry for hours at a time. Other days, I might stash candy in my bag and sneak them out one by one. I might go and buy yogurts and eat oranges from dissembled patient lunch boxes. Occasionally, I might snag a juice box for sudden dizzy spells or dips in blood sugar.

One thing that has really changed significantly since I started this job is my eating. Visually, it's resulted in a net gain of about 20lb. I don't really mind, but it's really interesting how it happened.

At work, we get a 30 minute lunch break, so I have gotten used to scarfing things down. At home, in a more relaxed atmosphere (and with more food available), I still scarf things down at a rapid rate, but at an increased time interval and increased amount. Also, in the middle of the night, it's hard to gauge hunger. I've eaten half a rotisserie chicken once without realizing it (and two bowls of rice, a bowl of soup, everything doused in copious amounts of sriracha, and some cookies). Whoops.

Also, I've started eating junk that I never ate before. Since I've noticed it, I suppose it's time to change my cookie-monster ways. Alas!

It was a great night in critical care; update in the morning! Meanwhile, it's time to get another snack.

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