Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Tellin' duh Troof

Mr. First-timer:

S: So it says on your triage note that you came in for back pain that you've been having for a month. Did you fall or lift heavy objects? How did your pain start?
Mr. First-timer: Well, when I was a kid, a car hit me.
S: That's when it started??
Mr. First-timer: Then, last year, I slipped and fell on some ice, y'know. Like, it was slippery.
S: Ok... anything happen recently? What made you come in today?
Mr. First-timer: Well, I went to the dentist last week, to get a toof pulled (points), and I got some percocets. And when I took them, I noticed, my back pain went away too... (expectant eyes)
S: ... I think I see. I'll let the doctor know.

This rookie obviously has not trolled for pain-killers before- that or he's just really honest.


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